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    Level up in Craft CMS with practical examples, snippets, and patterns.

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    Daily curated design and frontend stories

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    The latest news and tutorials to stay up-to-date with Vue

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    The Morning After makes sure you're up to speed on what's happening in the world of technology. Subscribing gets you the biggest stories from the previous day plus alerts about upcoming news and events -- all delivered straight to your inbox with our unrivaled wit and insight. Engadget: fighting FOMO one newsletter at a time.

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    Unlock the world of web development with our weekly Mozilla Developer Newsletter. Each edition brings you coding techniques and best practices, MDN updates, info about emerging technologies, developer tools tips, and more.

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    All the latest CSS animation articles and inspiration from around the web.

  11. Makerpad

    The #1 no-code platform. Explore the best no-code tools. Learn how to build powerful applications. Hire experts to help you with your project.

  12. Spatial Awareness

    Maps & Spatial Newsletter by Robin Hawkes

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    A newsletter with incredible web audio and related links and content

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    An email newsletter, with one Ruby/Rails technique delivered with a ‘why?’ and a ‘how?’ every two weeks. It’s deliberately brief, focussed & opinionated.

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    Get weekly (Thursday) coverage about what's happening in web community.

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    Email newsletter about Node.js & TypeScript

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    Design and development digest

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    The most awesome weekly newsletter about fullstack web development

  20. Refactoring Ui

    Learn how to design awesome UIs by yourself using specific tactics explained from a developer's point-of-view.

  21. rendezvous with cassidoo

    A weekly newsletter full of curated web dev links, practice interview questions, jokes, and mechanical keyboards.

  22. rooki.design

    Rooki is the online magazine for students, interns and juniors with intimate interviews, free design student awards and free resources.

  23. Piccalilli

    A pickle jar full of curated CSS links to slick websites, animations, illustrations, and algorithms, brought to you by Andy Bell. Every issue also contains a CSS pattern, trick or utility with a supporting explainer article.

  24. The Swift by Sundell Newsletter

  25. Import python

    Insightful Articles, Tutorials, Projects, Videos, Tweets. (Archive)