1. Golang Weekly

    Weekly newsletter about the Go programming language. (Archive)

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    Daily digest of the best engineering blogs from across the web. (Archive)

  3. GraphQL Weekly

    Weekly newsletter of the best news, articles and projects about GraphQL.

  4. Quora digest

    Quality depends on the topics you follow.

  5. Useful linter web

    The best links every day. (Archive)

  6. The daily AI

    Your Daily Dose of Artificial Intelligence.

  7. MIT Technology Review

    Latest intelligence on emerging tech.

  8. Import python

    Insightful Articles, Tutorials, Projects, Videos, Tweets. (Archive)

  9. The Swift by Sundell Newsletter

  10. Swift for TensorFlow

    Weekly news about the Swift for Tensorflow project.

  11. Artificial Intelligence Weekly

    A weekly collection of the best news and resources on Artificial Intelligence amd Machine Learning.

  12. wpMail.me

    A free WordPress Newsletter, once a week, with a round-up of WordPress news and articles. Archive.

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    Learn React from the best content in the community, weekly in your inbox.

  14. AI Digest

    A weekly newsletter to keep up to date with AI, machine learning, and data science. Archive.

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    TLDR is a daily curated newsletter containing links and summaries of the most interesting stories in tech.

  16. Alertbox E-Mail Newsletter

    The latest articles about interface usability, website design, and UX research from the Nielsen Norman Group.

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    Weekly newsletter for digital marketers, covering news on SEO, PPC and Social Media.

  18. Tiny React

    Top 3 React articles of the week in your inbox.

  19. Android Weekly

    Free newsletter that helps you to stay cutting-edge with your Android Development.

  20. Awesome C++ Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome C/C++ frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things.

  21. Awesome Android Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome Android packages and resources.

  22. This Week in Rust

    Stay up to date with events, learning resources, and recent developments in Rust community. Archive.

  23. Data Eng Weekly

    Your weekly Data Engineering news (Formerly Hadoop Weekly). Archive.

  24. Awesome React Newsletter

    A weekly overview of the most popular React news, articles and libraries.

  25. Awesome Elixir Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome Elixir and Erlang packages and resources. Archive.