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    Insightful Articles, Tutorials, Projects, Videos, Tweets. (Archive)

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    Daily digest of the best engineering blogs from across the web. (Archive)

  3. Swift for TensorFlow

    Weekly news about the Swift for Tensorflow project.

  4. The daily AI

    Your Daily Dose of Artificial Intelligence.

  5. Golang Weekly

    Weekly newsletter about the Go programming language. (Archive)

  6. Useful linter web

    The best links every day. (Archive)

  7. This week in Swift

    List of the best Swift resources weekly. (Archive)

  8. Quora digest

    Quality depends on the topics you follow.

  9. GraphQL Weekly

    Weekly newsletter of the best news, articles and projects about GraphQL.

  10. Gwern.net monthly newsletter


  11. MIT Technology Review

    Latest intelligence on emerging tech.

  12. iOS Goodies

    Weekly iOS newsletter. Archive.

  13. Indie iOS Focus Weekly

    Best iOS development, marketing, Swift, design, and Xcode links. Archive.

  14. AngelList Weekly

    The best of the startup world, curated weekly.

  15. Inside AI

    Weekly newsletter bringing you the latest in Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Neurotechnology.

  16. Inside Bitcoin

    Tracking trends, news, and analysis around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

  17. SVG Weekly

    A weekly email focused on Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), sharing tutorials, tools, experiments, talks and data.

  18. Stratus Update

    A weekly take on the rapidly evaporating-and-condensing cloud native landscape.

  19. Startup Digest

    Curated reading materials from around the world, customized by your interests.

  20. SRE Weekly

    SRE Weekly is a newsletter devoted to everything related to keeping a site or service available as consistently as possible.

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  22. Groovy Weekly Newsletter

    The latest releases, interesting articles, interviews, presentations, relevant tweets or Google+ posts, links to podcasts or screencasts, code snippets, books, upcoming events, and more.

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    Curated knowledge, inspiration and background stories for startups. Delivered to your inbox every Monday and Thursday.

  25. Tech Productivity

    Tech Productivity is a short weekly newsletter for tech professionals (programmers, developers, designers, etc). Each issue includes a brief list of productivity-related tools, articles, and other resources that can help workers in various tech-related fields be more productive.