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    Latest intelligence on emerging tech.

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    Your Daily Dose of Artificial Intelligence.

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    Quality depends on the topics you follow.

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    Sysadmin Casts bite-sized sysadmin screencasts (released weekly).

  13. Your weekly Azure news fix

    Azure Weekly is a summary of the week's top news in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, as well as interesting historic content that's well worth reading.

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  21. Tech Productivity

    Tech Productivity is a short weekly newsletter for tech professionals (programmers, developers, designers, etc). Each issue includes a brief list of productivity-related tools, articles, and other resources that can help workers in various tech-related fields be more productive.

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    Tips & tricks about the Vue ecosystem, for busy devs. Published weekly.

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    Interesting weekly news about Kubernetes in the form of a newsletter.

  24. Web Animation Weekly

    A hand-picked selection of articles, videos, book reviews, and other goodies pertaining to the wonderful worlds of web animation and motion design!

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    Weekly hand-picked resources for front-end developers and product managers.