1. KickStarter


  2. HackerNewsLetter

    A weekly newsletter of the best articles on startups, technology, programming, and more. All links are curated by hand from the popular Hacker News site.

  3. Handwritten newsletter

    The Think Clearly newsletter gives you little reflection exercises to help you in your daily life. It is created with love and admiration. Archive.

  4. HN Mail

    A customizable weekly newsletter that delivers Hacker News stories based on your interests.

  5. TED


  6. Startup Digest

    Curated reading materials from around the world, customized by your interests.

  7. Stratus Update

    A weekly take on the rapidly evaporating-and-condensing cloud native landscape.

  8. GitHub News

    Discover top trending repos at GitHub, detected by a peak detection algorithm.

  9. My Morning Routine

    My Morning Routine is an independent online magazine that brings you a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday.

  10. GitHub Trending Repos

    A special repo allowing to track trending projects in your favorite programming language on GitHub. Updates come as GitHub notifications once a day or a week.

  11. This Week in Domains

  12. Better Dev Link

    A weekly newsletter, collects links that aim to improve programming knowledge general. The purpose is not include the links that reader can search instantly from google such as how to do x, y, z but more about problem solving in programming.

  13. wpMail.me

    A free WordPress Newsletter, once a week, with a round-up of WordPress news and articles. Archive.