1. kubelist

    Your curated weekly kubernetes information reconciliation loop.

  2. KubeWeekly

    Interesting weekly news about Kubernetes in the form of a newsletter.

  3. Google Cloud Weekly Newsletter

    This Google Cloud Weekly is a summary of the week's top news, tutorials, videos, podcasts associated to the Google Cloud ecosystem, it's well worth reading.

  4. Your weekly Azure news fix

    Azure Weekly is a summary of the week's top news in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem, as well as interesting historic content that's well worth reading.

  5. Last Week in AWS

    A weekly roundup of news from Amazon's cloud ecosystem.

  6. Serverless Status

    A weekly newsletter about serverless architectures and paradigms, function-as-a-service, AWS Lambda, etc.

  7. LWKD

    LWKD is a weekly newsletter summarizing code activity in the Kubernetes project: merges, PRs, deprecations, version updates, release schedules, and the weekly community meeting.