1. Capital minded

    Weekly intelligence brief on navigating the index fund age, understanding the economy, and hacking capitalism.

  2. AngelList Weekly

    The best of the startup world, curated weekly.

  3. The Pricing Newsletter

    Q&As, lessons, and news articles to help startups and business owners understand how to implement pricing strategy.

  4. FBA monthly

    FBA Monthly is an across-the-board summary of the month's most important news articles and blog posts regarding Amazon businesses. Only actual news, solutions, strategies, seller-to-seller tips and much more.

  5. Finimize

    Understand today's financial news within 3 minutes. For free.

  6. Breaking Smart

    Tweetstorm style explorations of the emerging digital economy & technological serendipity.

  7. MuhrĠšs Must Reads

    Relevant business & finance articles while frequently drifting to topics as sports, art & tech.

  8. Courier Weekly

    Five stories of modern business, in all shapes and sizes.

  9. The Exponential View

    Exponential change: technology, business models, political economy & society.

  10. Investor DNA

    Daily articles around investments, risk management, technology, and well-being.

  11. CFO Brain

    A hand-curated compilation of the best technology, finance and business articles for CFOs.