1. One Ruby Thing

    An email newsletter, with one Ruby/Rails technique delivered with a ‘why?’ and a ‘how?’ every two weeks. It’s deliberately brief, focussed & opinionated.

  2. La semana PHP

    A weekly collection of news, tutorials and information in Spanish about PHP and its ecosystem: Laravel, Symfony, WordPress, Drupal, ... Manually selected by Jesús Amieiro.

  3. Groovy Weekly Newsletter

    The latest releases, interesting articles, interviews, presentations, relevant tweets or Google+ posts, links to podcasts or screencasts, code snippets, books, upcoming events, and more.

  4. Haskell Weekly

    A free email newsletter about the Haskell programming language.

  5. Laravel News

    Every week lots of tips, tutorials, and packages are released for Laravel.

  6. Laravel Daily

    Weekly tips and tricks from Laravel community.

  7. Pycoders Weekly

    A free weekly e-mail newsletter, on Fridays, for those interested in python development and various topics around python.

  8. Perl Weekly

    A free, once a week e-mail round-up of hand-picked news and articles about Perl.

  9. PHP Weekly

    A free once-a-week newsletter, featuring some great articles, news and blog posts.

  10. Volt Framework

    Volt is a framework for building data rich web applications shockingly fast.

  11. Rails Weekly

    Weekly inside scoop of interesting commits, pull requests and more from Rails, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

  12. Lua Digest


  13. murze.be newsletter

    A bi weekly newsletter on modern PHP and Laravel.

  14. Bootsity Newsletter

    A free one-in-two-weeks newsletter curating great articles, videos and news.

  15. Awesome Rust Newsletter

    A curated list of Rust libraries and resources.

  16. The REPL

    A weekly newsletter about Clojure and ClojureScript.

  17. Weekly Python Newsletter

    Weekly Python Newsletter containing Python Articles, Projects, Videos, Tweets delivered in your inbox. Archive.

  18. Awesome Scala Newsletter

    A community driven list of useful Scala libraries, frameworks and software.

  19. Awesome Ruby Newsletter

    A collection of awesome Ruby gems, tools, frameworks and software.

  20. This Week in Rust

    Stay up to date with events, learning resources, and recent developments in Rust community. Archive.

  21. Awesome C++ Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome C/C++ frameworks, libraries, resources, and shiny things.

  22. Awesome Elixir Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome Elixir and Erlang packages and resources. Archive.

  23. Awesome Java Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome Java frameworks, libraries and software.

  24. Awesome Kotlin Newsletter

    A weekly overview of the most popular Kotlin news, articles and libraries.

  25. Awesome PHP Newsletter

    A curated list of awesome PHP libraries and resources.