1. Future Crunch

    They sift through masses of information to share stories about the ‘crunch’ of technology change.

  2. The Journal

    Each issue features Kevin Rose's picks on tech, videos, men's style, podcasts, and more.

  3. Hack Education Weekly Newsletter

    Weekly round-up of recommended reading in education and technology, by Audrey Watters.

  4. Hung Lee: On Hiring

    Hung Lee writes in On Hiring - recruiting brainfood for your week ahead.

  5. The Invitation

    The Invitation, a newsletter about almost everything, by Tutuwa Ahwoi.

  6. So What, Who Cares

    Lisa points out a few pop culture things that you might like to know, explaining why they matter.

  7. Thought Shrapnel

    Every Sunday Doug Belshaw writes about education, technology and productivity.

  8. Data Elixir

    A good all-rounder, with a mix of news, opinion and tutorials on data science, curated by Lon Riesberg.

  9. EdSurge

    Millions of people rely on EdSurge to understand education tech. Get smart, connect & find tools!

  10. Snippets

    Learn more about healthcare, education, and technology’s impact on society.

  11. NPR Ed

    Be in the know about education! Find out what's happening: news, insights & innovative ideas.

  12. The Ed՚s Up

    Ed Yong shares his writing, and links to some of the best stuff he has read this week.